Hi all,

Perhaps this has been covered before, but I searched and could not find an answer.

I'm in the process of updating my resume. For my most recent job, I have numbers and specific data that I can add to my accomplishments, but I'm a little concerned that I might be disclosing data that I shouldn't. The company is small, so saying something like, "I managed project revenues of a quarter million dollars" would not be public knowledge (this is just an example statement).

I don't want to be vague on my resume, but I also don't want to go throwing out numbers that the company may not want disclosed.

What level of data is acceptable to share?

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Interesting Subject. Thanks for bringing this up.

I have no "proven technique", but couldn't you try to come up with rephrased/praphrased statements that are just as expressive but less sensitive? For your "managed project revenues of a quarter million dollars" example, it might be more appropriate to state "managed 15% of divisional/corporate project revenues". That figure will probably mean something to an insider, but less so to an outsider, so may be "safer" to use and equally "professional".

Just play with the "statistics" a little, there are always more than one way to express these kinds of numbers.

In the interview, you can still elaborate when asked. (And should be prepared to do so).

Hope this helps