When discussing a potential role with a recruiter for the first time what are the key questions to ask even before they send out details. In addition to "how many interviews will there be before i recieve an offer."

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Hello, when I was preparing to talk with the recruiter, I started from these 6 questions.

1. Why is a new person looking for this position? (if the position is new - how did this work go before?)

2.Why does the recruiter work in this company? What keeps him here?

3.What tasks will have to be addressed first of all on a new position?

4. What can you tell me about the future boss?

5. What are the company's sales in five years and earnings forecasts?

6.What is our next step?
At me all has turned out, and I have passed interview and now already I hold a good post. I hope that my advice will help you. I wish you luck and faith that you will succeed.


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Hi writepaper.

For me it is a wet Friday morning, i have just read your very kind reply and feel moved to thank you with sincerity.

I find all 6 of your suggestions very helpful and they inspire me to think more earnestly of my position.

I wish you success and prosperity in you new role because you generously help strangers.

Thank you.