I would like input on "distance leadership". I manage 4 sites at an average of 200 miles from my location. There are 4 directs plus their employees (17 people). On average I visit each site once every 2 months.
Would like ideas on resources to help me do my job better. Maybe a podcast on the subject.

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Hi History,

A good start on this subject would be to listen to the "Virtual Teams" podcast. You can find it here


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Check out this thread from elsewhere in the forum.

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I appreciate the leads. I missed the virtual podcast when I went over the list. Being an old guy, I prefer the term distant or remote to virtual. Since listening to Mike and Mark during the past month, I am acquiring a few new tricks so I guess old dogs can learn.

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Yes I know what you mean. The first time I looked over the list I thought "virtual teams" na not interested, it was only when I read the description that I realised that it was about what I called remote teams.