I've been working for a consulting company for the last 6 months.  One of my clients (without a no-hire clause) has indicated interest in having me apply for a new management opportunity at their company.  It's a well known company and a great opportunity located just 15 minutes from home.  It's also one I'm likely to enjoy more than my current posistion. 


1.  There are "no secrets".  It is likely that my current company will find out from one or another individual involved in the interview process.  This would be bad if the new company and I couldn't reach an agreement.

2.  I've been at my current company for only 6 months.  How does this look on a resume? (I can see myself staying for several years at this new opportunity and I was 9 years at my last company)

3. I don't want to burn any bridges with my current manager who is locally active in industry working groups and knows a lot of people.

I'm leaning towards applying.  However, have a couple questions for the enlightened out there:

1) Would you apply for a new job after 6 months without any good reason other than there's a better opportunity that you have a good (but not definite) chance of getting?

2) How would you communicate your rationale to both your potential new employer as well as your current?

3) Any other factors I'm missing in order to make a decision?


Thank you in advance for any help or advice you have.


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Interested in having you apply does not sound very solid. Maybe it is just a difference in language thing.  If the hiring manager said to you "I have you on my short list for this new position, let's have a talk" I would certainly have a talk, albeit discretely.  If you really feel this is a huge opportunity and you would be with this company a long time, a shorty employment stint would be far down the list of things I would worry about.  It will only come into play if you don't end up with this company for 5 or 9 years or whatever stint it is.