I did not include "normal" Trinity here because I am sure they don't apply. So do i apply project management principles here or somewhere in between? 

Here's a little background. I work in a BPO that offers support activities (Finance and HR) to local startups. Basically we are the Finance and HR department of these companies.

I am the Head of Business Development (sales and marketing) and my peers are the Head of Finance and the Head of HR. We (plus some others) report to the Managing Director. New businesses / clients come through my team and, normally, contract arrangements with them is for 12-month periods (then an option to renew). Sometimes, it's a 2-month engagement. 

What happens when my team closes a sale, say for Finance services which spans 12 months, i endorse it to my peer, the Head of Finance. That's what has been happening and supposedly, that's the end of my responsibility. I checkin once in a while to see how we are doing. We currently have more than 15 clients. 

Reason why i wanted to be more involved is i have been noticing that the clients i brought in sometimes come back to me asking for "help" because the person i endorsed them to (other peers of mine and their respective teams) do not give them as much attention as they would like. Late in answering email, getting back on phone calls, etc. 

I wanted to know what i should do in this situation. I do not control / manage the people performing the services for these clients, i am in-charge of achieving sales (including repeat customers), i just want to know how to approach this situation. Should i treat it as a formal Project Management or is their a guidance in between? 

I have been listening to the PM O3s and PM Feedback casts. I think i should be applying those but the way our business works is like every client is a big project. If yes, how would i run weekly status updates? Include all projects (aka clients) or separate them into 2-3 smaller meetings since there are a lot to begin with? 

I'm thinking for every new ones, a separate SPOT meeting would be great. But for the backlog, i really feel this is needed. As Mark said, keeping everyone on the same page starts with getting everyone on the same page. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Your peers are not taking care of business. It  is impacting your future growth and your business' bottom line. Give them PM  or Peer feedback. That means no step 1 and no step 4. If there is no improvement on the other end, give them warning (no dropping a dime) and talk to the person up the chain of command.

Good luck.

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 Thanks! That is exactly what i will keep on doing. 

I was also thinking of using what Mike and Mark suggested in the cast for Managerial Change - What's My Visual and provide something visual that would, hopefully, in the future make them change their behaviours. 

Also, i did inform them about this already in the past. Thing is, culture here in the country (Philippines) is that most are High S's and are very, very sensitive. I'm a D-C so imagine the modifications i have been doing for the past 11 months (since i learned about DISC from MT).

Constant pre-wires and peer O3s are the workarounds I have been doing. While I have been seeing some effect, it still, in my opinion, is not enough. Already tried talking up the chain of command, but the only answer i get is we (boss and me) don't understand their workload, what they do, etc.) so we need more "data" and have to understand them. Boss is a High S and I as well.