BLUF: do I continue to followup for ten weeks, if I received an email that says, "Unfortunately at this time I am unable to offer you a position with (XYZ Company)?"

I don't want to harm a potential relationship or sully my reputation in the area by being a pest. In this location and field, it appears to be a 'small world' after all.

Here's what happened: I had an interview. I was told that I would hear back from her via email, 2 business days later. Following the interview, I sent an email thank you (asking for an offer), and then popped a handwritten thank you in the mail (I know, I realized I should have let the handwritten one go thru first).  As promised, I did receive an email back. Here's what it said:

"Thank you so much for coming in last week to speak with me.  Unfortunately at this time I am unable to offer you a position with (XYZ Company).  We have had a wonderful group of applicants (Including yourself!) which has made this decision extremely difficult.  Thank you again for your time and good luck in your job search!"

Would you keep after it, or persue other job leads and let this one go? One more thing. I don't have a phone number for her. There isn't one in her email signature. None of the communication we've had was over the phone. And She said in the interview that she prefers email.

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Might be worth reviewing the MT's podcast on interviewing and specifically appropriate follow-up cadence.

Given the clear indication you are no longer being consdered for the role I'd leave this particular role and not do any more follow-ups.

You've already displayed the appropriate professional communication for follow-up after interview.

While follow-up communication is required I don't think it should ever be perceived as having more weight than the actual interview and its content.

Good luck w/the search

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Thanks for your suggestions, tabithastein. I wonder if others agree to let this one go? Or would anyone counsel me to continue to keep in touch and follow up every week or two? Or maybe a third option?


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The 10 weeks advice is only if they have not made a decision yet.

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Thanks for the response, DJ.