I have been offered an interview at an external organization. I am wondering if I should inform my boss? She has been upset in the past when people have not told her that they are looking at new opportunities. However, I have also seen her be very unkind and mean to people who have chosen to leave her portfolio. My concern is that if I don't get an offer from the other organization, she will treat me poorly going forward. At the same time, I do feel bad for exploring this opportunity "behind her back".

Thank you for your thoughts! 



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Hi Brent,

My advice is 'No, do not tell.   There isn't an upside in telling, but there sure can be a downside.'

A professional manager would understand that all their staff could (and should) be open to opportunities at all times.  Getting upset about it when people leave is really just getting upset at themselves for either not doing enough to retain people, or not preparing enough for the inevitable loss from time to time.

If you interview and decide you don't want to work there, but you've told your boss and now she's vindictive towards you, then you are in a pretty bad place despite having decided to stay where you are.

Hope that helps.


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