I've only worked with my current team for 4 months. It was a bit of a mess when I started and things have really started to turn around and the team are feeling a lot happier (now have targets, 121s, weekly meetings, opportunity to win vouchers for good performance, etc.)

In January a role I've been wanting to do for a very long time is coming up (and it will be unlikely to come up again for years as it is something that only one person does - i.e. will not come up until whoever gets it leaves).

Do I tell the team I am applying for it and risk demotivating them when things are just starting to get good? (Bare in mind I might not actually be succesful). We have a relaxed dress policy, I usually wear jeans to work. How do I explain being suited up on the day of the interview?

Any tips? Am I just worrying too much?


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A smart man once said, "until you have a offer you have nothing"... therefore I wouldnt go about telling the team about it. 
One thing I have done before is to dress up a couple of random days before in a suit, so it's not a once off.

Really though when it's a internal job, the word will probably come out sooner or later, but no need for you to add to the gossip before you need to. 

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