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Hi everyone:

My wife is in a tight spot: on her own (and paid by her own pocket) she did a job risk assesment program and got the official Spanish license to oversee job risks at a job site.

At her job they know about this and want to give her more responsibilities, on top of the ones she already has which already leave her agenda full. Her bosses have made no comments regading a pay increase or clearing some of her current responsibilities.

She does not shy away from more responsibilities, however she considers (and I agree with her) unfair accepting them without a pay rise or without being able to delegate some of her current tasks.

The problem is she does not know how to handle this issue in the upcoming meeting with her bosses. Quite a few bosses react quite viscerally when directs ask for a pay rise or for some changes in her job duties.

How would you approach this touchy subject?

Many thanks in advance

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Honesty and candor. Don't try to be clever.

"I really like my job. I like it so much I went out and took some additional training on my own dime. I see that you are recognizing that and are offering me some more responsibilities. Thank you. Along those lines, can we have a discussion about my career and future here?"

Obviously she should use her own words. It wouldn't be a bad idea to role-play the conversation with her. That will help her confidence level.

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Many thanks for the advice. I'll post the aftermath of the meeting, hope everything goes well.

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What he said. Perfect. Look forward to hearing the outcome.


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I agree with Will and would add that your wife would be in a stonger position if she can demonstrate that she has stretched to encompass the additional responsibility and (hopefully) some specific expamples of what she has achieved.

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