A couple of years I was a Section Manager and felt that I did well with peers and the people I managed (5 people), but did not fare well with my own Managers.  It like if I got report card from them these camps I would get A's from peer and direct reports, but F from management.  To further explain, people and peer felt that I was competent, knowledgeable,good mentor and overall good source of information as I often like to share what I know and often times volunteered to help where I could.  They expressed these things to me often.  However, I felt that I was not revered the same by my management.  I felt as thought they did not respect, trust or had confidence in my skills and competence from them.  For instance,  I would make proposals that I had already vetted with my team (since we were going to the work), to make sure it was feasible and I could never get them to agree on any of my ideas, instead I got resistance and skepticism.  I am a female and it was an all male management, not sure if that had to something with it.  I left this organization and now I have been called back to be Project Manager, but this time I would have more responsibility, people and higher salary, so for me it's a promotion.  I have not been been a manager since then, just went back to a regular position.  I would love to go back because I do want to be a Manager, which is why I went and got my MBA.  This company is huge and has an excellent reputation and name brand, so showing that I was a PM at this company is great for my resume.  The same Sr. Managers are still there. My problem is that I am afraid that I will run into the same situation, how can I change this?

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To address your question directly, you can change how you feel about the situation.  But I don’t think that’s really your problem. Your problem is choosing whether or not to go back to your old organization.

Most of your post talks about feelings and interpretations: “It’s like…” “I felt as thought…” etc.  What were the observable behaviors and facts?  What did people (managers, peers, or direct reports) specifically do or say that gave you feeling or impressions that you have?
I know of a couple very positive observable behaviors: They hired you the first time, and they asked you back.  Those are two behaviors that should show that someone in management has some kind of confidence in your performance. Take stock of the facts and then you may see a different picture…or you may see exactly what you expect.  In any case, you can act on facts.
One final note about change: others’ behaviors are not likely to have changed and you’re not going to change your superiors’ behaviors when you come back.  If you know “Mrs. Smith” usually responded to new ideas by asking many negative questions before you left, she’s probably still going to respond to new ideas the same way if/when you go back.
Bottom line, be confident in your abilities and act on facts.  I don’t have any idea if your fear of going back to the same situation is right or wrong; I suggest considering your options based on what you know, not what of what you’re afraid of.
P.S. I realize you posted this a month ago. I am sorry no one has responded until now.  I’m behind in my own reading. Hopefully this thread is still helpful to you or others.  :)