I just got finished reading this book and I think it could really help people that are thinking about entering Management!

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Admin Role Badge can't be awful...the guy lives now where I grew up.

Will let you know.


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I got it at!

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I've got a copy on order, should be here tomorrow.  I'll let you know what I think.

J. Swank

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Lots of bad ideas in here, like how to determine your style, and how to administer the discipline process.  Nothing about regular performance communication, for example.

Also, there's a list of good qualities, one of which is "team player" and another of which is "open door".  Weird.

Out of 11 chapters, one was how to protect your career.  Again: WEIRD.


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As I read this book I knew it had little value for my existing Managers, Assistant Managers, or Supervisors. But I was looking for information that would help those that aren't sure if they want to take the next step. The book is only targeted for those individuals that are thinking of going into management and for them I think it provides some good points to consider before making their decision.  

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are there any other books that you can suggest to people who are interrested in "becoming a Manager"?

I just started with the Podcasts and have still some to listen to.
Is there one Podcast in the Career Tools that covers this Topic?


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There isn't a Career Tools cast, but there are the book reviews:

That'll give you a good list to start with.