Guys any input in the Balanced Scorecard application in your company? I am happy to know and gain knowledge. Thanks!

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What is you best management style or approach

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The Balanced Scorecard made a very nice impact to the company especially to the management. Now, each senior manager is considering all important operational measures together (specifically the 4 key perspective - financial, internal processes, learning and innovation, and customer perspective). Unlikely before that each department only focuses on their own measures without considering the effect on other departments. 

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Plan DO Teach Assess! 

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Yes that is right, planning is very important, and I guess knwoing the learning type skill of your people would help. 

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Thanks for your input guys. We have the management process already but it is not yet well laid out. Yeah I guess proper planning on all aspects plus a system would help. What about your general metrics?  

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Is OGSM same with BSC? Hope to know your thoughts. Thanks!

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We prefer a Coaching style of personnel management.

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