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Maybe I missed it but I was wondering what the recommendations are for documenting the feedback given to an employee. How detailed should I get? I typically wonder this during an investigation interview where I am more on a fact finding course which roles into feedback depending on the situation. Do I write out exactly what was said or a summary or could I simply write that I gave feedback about xyz? I am just thinking about worse case when we have to term someone and look over documentation and notes what that should look like.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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When I give feedback during an O3 I document it with a symbol in the margin and the subject (very brief.) The topic alone is usually enough to jog my memory. I use different symbols for positive and negative feedback.

What I like about this method is I can document accomplishments and professional growth in an annual review. The *disadvantage* is that verbal feedback supplied in a hallway conversation isn't documented (It's just feedback.)  You mileage and method may vary...and keep up the great work providing and documenting feedback.