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Hello MT Community,

Starting next week I will be given my 4th new supervisor and 5th new area of responsibility (with title changes) within the last 2 years all due to organizational realignments and retirements.

How should I document the multiple changes on my resume since my scope and title has changed so much?

Also, any advice on being exhausted by and frustrated with the changes, as well as, demoralized by some promotion opportunities not acheived?

Thank you for any insight!

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That does seem lot a lot of changes. I'm inferring from your note that the changes are lateral rather than promotions.

My big qiestion is: are you staying in a position long enough to show accomplishments? Event just a single accomplishment?

If no, the churn is a serious problem for a number of reasons and if it doesn't appear to be letting up, I think you have to consider your future at the organization.

If yes, I would state "multiple positons" on my resume, with the title and a accomplishment for each position. Hopefully you'll come across as well-rounded and flexible. If one position was more relevant to the job for which you are applying, give it more attention.


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Interesting thread, definitely would put a follow on this one.