My question is this:

I have two positions on my resume where I went through a beginning period at each position where I was a "temp to perm" contract employee. Officially, my employer was a contracting company, but I was working at the "client" company with the intention of getting a permanent position. After a period of time (six months for the first, and three months for the second), I officially become an employee of the client company.

I have been listing only the client company on my resume, with the time frames as when I started as a contractor, until my ending date. Is this correct? Should i be including the contracting company with the periods on my resume, or just list the "client" company, with the whole periods.

I'm raising this, because in my current position, I had a consulting gig with a third company which required a complete background check, and the periods of employment were slightly off, but it apparently didn't cause any issues.