Does anyone use a blog to communcate with and gather feedback from directs?

I thought this might be an effective way for me to give direction to, or share thoughts and ideas with, my directs and at the same time collect their thoughts on said ideas.

I thought this now readilly-accessible medium might encourage dialogue amongst the team members and would be more effective than e-mail. I could create a virtual water-cooler for team discussions, I was thinking.

Any thoughts?

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I have found social media tools designed for businesses to be more effective.  Tools like Chatter and Yammer.

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Take care not to see this as a replacement for face-to-face / 1:1 communication because it's not and never will be.

Also, I would be concerned that you are expecting your directs to "pull" the information - i.e. they have to choose to go to the blog site to get the information.

If this is important communication material, a "push" would be much more effective, that is email (or even your staff meeting ;-)

-- Peter

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