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I'm having a hard time using my "significant accomplishment" cue cards as taught in the Interview Series.  Many hiring managers I encounter seem to skim through my 1 page resume and pick out points and ask me to elaborate on a bullet point.  Is that the correct time to unload my 5 minute "significant accomplishment"?  (Questions range from, "What kind of budgeting did you have in this?", "Where exactly were you for this post?")

Sometimes I just go through the "significant accomplishment" framework and give the overview of the 2 or 3 things I did and skip to the end result just to gauge if they want to ask more questions (99%, they never do).

I have about 10 items prepared but end up only doing 1 + 1/2.

When I recruit, I don't like it when people derail my question and start going into something else they want to show me so I'm always a little tepid in talking too much about something they're not interested in.

Incidentally, my HR screening interviews have always been spot on since they ask broad topics like "coaching" "disciplinary action", but unfortunately I'm not applying for an HR job.




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the significant accomplishment answers are based on you being asked behaviourial questions.  Eg, tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult customer, exceeded expectations, managed a large project etc. 

Generally, if someone asks you what your favourite sandwich is, I don't think you want to tell them how grain is grown and eventually processed into bread, or how whatever you have in your sandwich came to be.

Occasionally, you can crack the window open a bit.  "what kind of budgeting did you have on that?"  "Oh, that was a really unique situation and I am proud of how I handled it.  It required me pulling budget from four areas of the company and I ended up bringing the project in under budget. Let me tell you how I accomplished this."


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Seeing people just made me realize how unprepared so many interviewers are.  The duration doesn't necessarily mean quality of interview either (for interviewer and interviewee).

But I did manage to get an offer and accepted with the Interview Series - thanks MT!

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Congratulations on accepting an offer! Thanks for reporting back on your success.

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