Mark and Mike -

I just read that you get cash back for each purchase through your links to Amazon on the fave books page when I found the Self Development podcast from Nov. 2005. I feel horrible, though - although I did see the book list and have ordered two books, I did not know until now that you get cash back if we order through your links! oops! I will be sure to place future orders via your links.

I have to say.. I LOVE you guys! And I LOVE MT! I found you by accident about 1.5 months ago when I needed to improve my horrible resume - I did, and thank you! I got what I had been looking for for so long, but I was overcome when I realized how much more there is to this place. I'm hooked, and more thankful than you will know.

I refer your site every chance I get, and I always will. The altruism you show by giving away much of your hard work is nothing short of inspirational. You have a fan forever in me.

With the utmost gratitude,