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I am a new premium member of the site. Is it possible to download show notes of all past shows to pdf in one spot? Or can it only be done one show at a time? Given the sheer number of shows that seems rather slow and inefficient. Thanks for the amazing advice!

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I am not an official spokesman for Manager Tools...however, back in May MT/CT announced that the RSS feed to *all* past shownotes was to be discontinued 16 June 2016.

(Like you, I am a licensee) As licensees, we still have access to the full repository. However, should we drop our license any shownotes we haven't downloaded already become unavailable until we renew.


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So there is no longer a way to download the shownotes other than going into each cast individually and then downloading?

I let my subscription lapse for a couple of years whil eI focused on some other things. Now that I have renewed it, I was hoping to get caught up on the older episodes. The shownotes have always proved invaluable to me.


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] So there is no longer a way to download the shownotes other than going into each cast individually

Correct, to my knowledge, one now must download shownotes individually.

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I find it more helpful to download only one or two at a time anyway.  When I download the shownotes it is because I am trying to internalize and change/improve my behaviors/skills.  You can only work on so many things at a time.  I'll admit, when I (in the past) have bought a large series of books for topics I want to learn about - the volume has been intimidating and I haven't always had the best success.  MT has that same volume (and more imho), but downloading it in single pieces for specific behavior has helped me consistently work on little things.  I've been subscribing for almost three years (I think) and am just about to have no more unread podcasts on my iPad app (for MT only - still have about 300 on CT).  It has taken me three years to listen to all teh MT casts - and digest a small percentage.  I have probably 50 or so casts that I have listened to multiple times, redlined the shownotes, and used to make little change plans to my behaviors.  Now I need to go back through and process the other 150 or so casts I marked for listen to again so I can internalize those.  At this rate I have another 9 years (plus the stuff that is coming out, plus CT).  Tremendous value.

Personally I have received significant value by making the improvements recommended in the casts.  The cost of the monthly subscription is insignificant compared to salary increases alone and that benefit is small compared to the value recognized as a result of organizational improvements.  (Shhh - don't tell M&M about value pricing [sarcastic emoticon here].)

I can't imagine trying to download an MBA (outside the matrix) and I think it is the same for MT podcasts.  I like the single download option.  It promotes consistent, continuous improvement that can be implemented by anyone at any stage in their career and they can start on any topic.