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Question folks,

I normally wear a lounge suit to such events in the UK...tie optional! What is the normal convention for US conferences/training events?

If there is not a concensus I usually 'dress up'.

Mark/Mike, is there a dress code themed podcast on the way at one point?



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Interesting question and I would also like to hear other views.
Like you I'm in Scotland. If I'm in the office all day I usually wear trousers, jacket and open necked shirt. When I'm out at external meetings I wear a suit. Attendance at conferences is always a suit and tie. As for training if its internal I usually dress casual if it's external I tend to wear a suit +/- a tie.


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NO NEED for suit and tie. You may wear such if you like and are comfortable.

We would recommend slacks and a dress shirt.

A lounge suit would be fine as well.

You CAN wear jeans if you like - we are COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE with that. Polo shirts are okay.

We would think a t-shirt wasn't smart.

Mike and I and our associates will wear business casual, which we take to mean slacks and long sleeved dress shirts, for ladies pressable slacks and a crisp blouse.

And, then there's the image YOU want to project. There will be other companies and hiring managers here....


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THought I'd bump this as I was thinking about packing.

How excited am I?


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How excited am I?


:D :D :D
... and you are not alone!


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Here too!


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OK it's official. I'm green with envy until November this year!