How do you deal with a micro-managing supervisor whom insists on doing just about everything her way? I mean we are talking about exciting stuff as small as using a rubber band instead of a binder to keep paperworks together! Of course, to be fair, she said it in the form of a suggestion... and that is suppose to increase my productivity and morale, how???

Lately, a lot of what she does comes across as "I need control, I want control", let me delegate this work to you but it must be done my way. Perhaps my experience has always been about finding the best solution and NOT always follow guidelines or rulebooks, or must have order...which is exactly how she works.

I find it suffocating to work or even pretend I can function in such overkill manner for much longer. I am actively job searching but this economy isn't much help. How can I push back and not turn this into what seems like a personality clash issue until I can move on to a new job?