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I would like to attempt a time audit to record what I am doing every 10 minutes. I figure that the best way to accomplish this is to have an app or software chime every 10 minutes. This seems simple but I cannot find anything that will do this!!!

I'm looking for a clock or timer that will countdown from 10 minutes, chime, and then automatically restart a 10 minute countdown again. This would occur for the entire work day.

Do any members have any suggestions on how to accomplish this or for an app that would fill this void?


Thank you!

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You may be able to find an app that will do it. Maybe look for a metronome app and set it for 600 seconds :).


I would just use my phone and restart the 10 min timer every time. 

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If the work you want to log is done mostly on a computer, try I believe the paid version lets you log non computer time but I've only used the free version.

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I was just lintening to the podcast episode where they talk about this and was supprised there wasn't a tool.

I'm writing an Android app that'll set the ~50 alarms for you and notify you to record what you're doing. I started last night but it shouldn't take long.

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Thank you for the recommendations. I've tried a few timers and not one that works great. The closets timer runs in the background but beeps multiple times based on which interval it's at. i.e. 2 beeps on Round 2....10 beeps on Round 10. My co-workers were not fans of this app.

I'll keep looking. Thank you!

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I found an iPhoen app called "Interval". I had to pay $1 though - not a problem.

It is minimalistic and discreet. Step 1 is down, now I need to set up 2 weeks to log my activities.

Thank you all again.

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I'm going to do this too, Starting monday morning.

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Hi - I'm very interested in what you;re doing and was wondering what the basis is to check your activity every ten minutes? What's the backgrounbd to it and what's the goal if you don't mind me asking?


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Read "The Effective Executive".  First chunk of book is about knowin where your time goes.  Not based on your calendar or perception, but by collecting real data.