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Hi Everyone,

I am a DISC profile 3175. I have a mixed tendencies between S and C. Sometimes, I am not sure whether the right/better profile was used.

Just want to reach out and see if anyone has the same profile as me or similar concern and whether there are any good strategies in applying the better one at any given moment.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Rob,

While I don't have that profile, I do work with people who do.   

My suggestion would be to listen to the two podcasts The downfall of the High C & S.   These will highlight to you where the tendencies of these two profile preferences can be overdone and cause you detrimental outcomes.   Once you know what to look for, you will be much more likely to identify such behaviours/situations as they happen, and you can adapt your behaviour accordingly. 

At first, you are aiming to be just less High C or S than you would have been if you were not thinking about it, and if the situation doesn't call for it.   

Hope that helps


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Hi Kev,

Thanks for the tip. I am listening to both podcasts and trying to reflect what can be done better.

Have yourself a great week ahead.