Does anyone know of audio or video recordings of an effective meeting that I should share with colleagues to show them what a well-run meeting could be like? They have 3 hour meetings with "fuzzy" agendas, no goals or action items, no parking lot, etc.

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I would suggest rather than show a video most people would assume isn't about them, start showing what an effective meeting is by running them.  There are plenty of casts on how to have an effective meeting, but the keys I've gotten are:

  • Pre-wire the decision makers.
  • Publish and agenda (with times if you really want to drive it).
  • Start on time, don't wait for the stragglers.
  • Stick to the agenda ruthlessly.  If people wander, bring them back to the topic at hand.
  • Have a 5 minute parking lot.
  • Recap the meeting before it breaks so everyone knows what they are responsible for.
  • Send out notes with action items.

When people get out of your well run meeting on time and with clear understanding of who does what, they will feel emboldened to do the same for theirs.  You can help them in their wandering meetings by sticking to topics and bringning others back on track. 

You could also take a page from Tim Ferris.  If the meeting isn't productive, be upfront and tell people "I can only be here for topics X, Y, & Z."  Discuss those things and leave.  It won't help your colleague, but it will relieve your burden.


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Handy list of 10 ways to get the most of your upcoming team meeting by taking away some of the guesswork 

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Setting The Agenda
  3. Planning Ahead 
  4. Promoting Inclusivity
  5. Preparing A PowerPoint Presentation

For detailed process read article 10 Ways To Get The Most From A Team Meeting