Hey Mark and Mike,

BLUF: Meetings Should End BEFORE the clock quarters

I loved this, and was doing most of the things in it already.  I've since added the remaining ground rules for meeting, but I have one that I do that wasn't in yours, and I'd like to get your thoughts.

A large number og people seem to engage in back to back meetings (an overall BAD practice).  However, in consideration for the possibility that someone may have a meeting scheduled immediately after mine, and I don't want people slipping away when I'm going over deliverables or managing the parking lot, I end my meetings BEFORE the quarter hour.  So instead of a 30 minute meeting the AGENDA and the meeting end at 25 minutes.  60 Minute meetings are scheduled as 55 Minute meetings, and so forth.

The RESULT: Better attendance, because no one says "Oh I have a nother meeting already scheduled right after yours and I need to be ontime for that so I can't come to your meeting."