Hi Mike & Mark,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the effective meeting 'casts and documents. I presented them to my team this week and we are off to a great start on our new project. The guys love the process and get it right away. Things went so well the head of another department has suggested we use the process for the entire company. You guys rock! Thanks!


p.s. Check out The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda. Much of what he writes reminds me of how you guys approach mgmt.

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After listening to the effective meeting and staff meeting podcasts I went looking for a ready made template to use. Found it in a program called InfoPath (which I think comes bundled with windows operating systems?).

The meeting template in this program meets all the criteria mentioned in the podcasts. It even has a spot for entry of emails and then drops the whole thing into the body of the emails - no attachments.

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I think InfoPath is part of Microsoft Office, not the o/s.

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...and is part of the Business Office suites, not all. It also requires an Infopath server setup which not everyone will have.