I am a relatively young manager (37 yo, 15 yrs of mgmt experience) and have been working the Trinity for about 6 months. I spent about 90 minutes per direct prepping mid year reviews, then schedule and hour each to deliver. I have been at this company for about 9 mos so this is my first time through it here. I find out today that on avg managers spend about 10 minutes delivering ANNUAL feedback and midyear is sometimes less. Including my manager.

I am bummed, deflated. Am I just the poindexter blowing the curve and pissing off the teacher who hates to have to stay ahead of the class? Three different peers today told me that my "management style just doesn't match that of the company." What in the world?

Just looking for a pep talk I guess.



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I'll take a little bit of a guess here and translate "management style just doesn't match that of the company". I'd hazard a guess that it translates (liberally) to "will you stop making the rest of us look bad".

Get the team next to theirs and blow them into the weeds.

From a more personal perspective, I have been told that doing O3's with my team is a fantastic practice by my boss but he does not feel it necessary for us to spend any time together. In seven months I have not had any feedback from him.

My previous boss instructed me to stop giving my directs their AR's ahead of the meeting as she was uncomfortable with it and she'd never seen it done like that in this firm before (despite there being no formal guidance either way).

Suffice to say, I still do O3's and my directs get their annual reviews ahead of the meeting. The O3's produce results and I'm willing to get into a little hot water with the AR's for treating my directs as responsible, mature professionals.