I've recently been elected staff representative and am now looking for some general guidance on how to be effective in this role.

Our organization is going through a major salary revision, me and another staff rep have been asked to gather staff input and after doing so by holding a brainstorming session, doing some quick email rounds and just asking people at the coffee machine we've got quite a big pile of data, most if it not that nice, not just about how the salary system is perceived but also about how the organization works in general, especially in terms of PRT's (some not being done at all, some being done "poorly").

I'm not a big fan of being the bearer of bad news but it doesn't look like I have much of a choice? Any advice on how to be effective in this and provide the best value both for employer and employees?

What'd be the best way to circulate meeting notes? To attendees only or to the entire staff?