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I'm looking for advice on how I could schedule myself between a corporate office, and three branch locations. I need to be with our branches, as well as with our Senior Management Team. Any techniques used by Regional/Territory Managers that you could share?

  • Focus on one branch per day?
  • Focus on one branch for 2 or 3 days, and rotate through them?
  • Multiple branches in a day?
  • Other...?

I a Senior Manager (Director of Operations) for a service company (landscaping and snow removal). We employ 130 people. Branches are roughly 25 miles apart (with corporate office in the center).

  • We have a corporate office that houses administrative and Senior Management (this is where my desk resides).
  • We have three branches that are run by Branch Managers (BM) (with Operations Managers (OM) and Foreman reporting to them). The BM reports to me.
  • We dispatch our crews from the branch locations (8-12 crews per location).

My job entails:

  • Monitoring of quality/productivity in the field
  • Teaching/training/delegating to BMs
  • Decision making/projects/leadership for Management Team

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance!