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 I was employed in April as a restaurant deputy general manager.  At interview, when asked about location, I specifically told the interviewer I wanted to work in the new restaurant that was about to open, but that where I live is central to every business in his area and being able to drive, I was open to any location if the opportunity was right.

Lo and behold, I was hired to open the new site.  While it was finishing construction, I was sent to another branch to assist in stabilising the management team.  I then spent two days doing the same at two other sites, doing a quick ops analysis and making some recommendations.

I worked in the new site for two months, and then was asked to facilitate a management handover in the North of Scotland.  This lasted two months, and I've now been asked to go to a different site as a permanent base.

As background, we have 4 area managers and recently, the sites they are responsible for have shifted to be more geographically balanced.  This means that my AM no longer has responsibility over the new site, and he specifically told me he doesn't want to lose me to another district.


The core of the issues is increased transport cost.  I have to drive to get to the site, which will cost me around £200 per month.  This is 1.5 times the cost of getting to the new opening site, and I was able to claim expenses for getting to the other sites, as technically I was still based in the new opening.


I need to negotiate an increase in salary to balance this.  My personal opinion is, if my cost of living goes up as a result of my employment but I don't secure a salary increase to offset this, it's not really a step forward.


My appraisal is due in the next three weeks.  I start at the new site next week.  The area manager will be completing my appraisal with me.

How and when do I ask him to increase my salary to offset the extra expense?  I'm in the position where I can easily take a General Manager position at other companies.  Whilst I don't have offers, in two weeks of applying, I have eight interviews.  I interview well, as I've always got every job I interviewed for.


Could anyone offer some advice, either directly on how to negotiate a salary increase, or advise in general on my situation.