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Good Morning Everybody,

I'm creating a new team in my organziation, and not only is the team new, its mission and the roles on the team are new to the company.  I've defined some high-level success criteria for the team, and we've hired a lead for the team (who is a referral from a great manager on my team).  What advice do you have about forming a new team (especially when that team is doing something entirely new to the company)?





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Define the authority structure within your team very carefully. With a situation that is not well defined, there is the potential (probability) of people scrambling for position on the hill, claiming territory, etc.

As you're delegating, be careful who you put in positions of authority over tasks or areas. I'd recommend making decisions on the authority structure based more on a team member's personality rather than their skills and talents. I once had a similar situation, putting a team together in a completely new role within an organization. I got the team together, and handed out assignments, putting most of them in charge of a particular area. It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Think, "homeowner's association."

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Thanks for the recommendation.