The boot camp training of CCNA is very useful and essential to pass the CCNA exams. It is a limited time span training (usually a 7-day camp) that is effective for both the experts and the new comers in the networking field. It is necessary due to fact that you should prepare yourself mentally as well as obtain the practical knowledge before the exam. It avails the professionals with the practical and demo scenarios so that they can learn in real time situations. It builds up the foundation of new technicians and enhances the practical knowledge of CCNA professionals. The boot camp offers the training regarding installation, configuration, and operation of LAN, WAN and dial-access services for small networks. The training helps you in making yourself distinguished from other certified professional in the market by providing you the knowledge on the most desirable areas by your employer- that are routing and switching, security and infrastructure design. With the help of real time scenarios and repeated practical measures, the boot camp training makes you more proficient and expert in all the areas of networking. After certification, you can use your hand knowledge and practices on your job to grow yourself as well as your organization. It will directly lead you to minimize your configuration and installation errors, which minimizes the cost as well as your efforts. Although these trainings are very expensive and take much mind preparation for spending thousands of dollars, but these are effective because these thousands of dollars would be converted into millions of dollars afterward. After becoming a certified professional, a lot of job offers from competitive organizations would be waiting for you. But remember; only passing the exam is not sufficient. You have to take training for the sake of your practical knowledge so that when you go for work in the market, you can prove you skills by implementing them. You would be responsible for a lot of operations on networking such as routing, switching, configuration and security. So, you would be able to handle those operations only when you pass your CCNA exam after boot camp training. The professional people are selecting boot camps due to their individual construction of candidates, absolute theoretical and practical directions and competitive environment within the candidates.