In [url=] this[/url] post, Mishkin add a ninth barrier to effective listening.

Exhausted, sleepy, tired, spent, wasted, enervated, asleep

The concept is that if you are too tired .. you'll never be able to have an effective listening.

Have a look at the original post and at the[url=] Agile Adive blog [/url] : it rocks!


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This is certainly true for me.

A brief story about listening. My daughter is working for me in my office this summer. She had to listen to a series of podcasts that Mike and I recently produced for a corporate client - several hours of content, looking for errors, paying close attention, making suggestions.

At the end of about 3 hours, she was DRAINED. She said, "This is really challenging - being focused on listening."

It's not easy. But it's a competitive advantage for a Manager Tools manager.

Thanks for sharing, PierG!