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I’m sales vp at a terrific company. But, what do you do when an owner (chairman) of the company directs traffic with the sales team and puts my direct reports in the middle wondering who they should follow?

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Watch and learn.

Do one on ones so you don't get out of the loop.

And be thankful you are in the right spot. Sales are the most important thing to your boss's boss, which means you're in a perfect spot to move up.

Or maybe fired.

Way to go!

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Setting aside that he is the owner of the company for the moment - your boss is going around you to give instruction to your directs? Searching the archives, there's two threads that might be helpful:

I don't have much more to offer - I have almost nothing in my background that compares.

Intellectually, I really like the suggestion (I think from Mark) to start sending your boss status reports on what is going on in your division. If the status reports don't work, you'll have to talk to your boss about why he is so involved with your division - it could be that he doubts your ability or just that he ran a sales division once and keeps going back to what he is comfortable with. Ultimately, as long as your division is producing results and you are useful to your boss, I don't see a reason to worry.