Hello dear friends,

Engagement, what is that? That was the first question i received when we started talking about the Engagement Surveys coming along in the near future.

When i heard this, i said we have a lot work to do. Would like to start right, doing first thing first. would like to build a Engagement Framework, aimed at setting up the scene for preparing and engaging teams and people.

Would appreciate your support in setting up best practices on the topic?

I see things in ways: Short Term Actions - considering that the Engagement Surveys are close and Long Term Strategy in setting up the future Engagement Surveys. All these have to be integrated and aligned with one another.

Thank you very for sharing your experience in setting up such dimensions for People Engagement.

Have a great future!




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 Gallup Q12 Engagement?

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Hi Celianes,

Would you please be able to clarify what you are requesting?  Are you trying to build a strategy to attract more staff? or to understand why people have decided to work at your company?

Or are you trying to build a survey framework to quiz staff?

What is you buiness actually trying to do?



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Sorry, but not sure I can help here...


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You may find this site useful:


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MT team - thanks for coming back to address enagement topics.     I thought I'd note it back in this thread in case it helps others in the community.     in 2009 MT was avoiding it, but now in 2023 MT has been giving us some great guidance.

Lots of enagement podcasts!

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Thanks Paul for circling this back around!!