The company I work for is being acquired. Should I attempt to negotiate a higher salary, etc. with the new owners?

In fact, my employer filed chapter 11 last spring, and then had several further setbacks. On Jan. 11 2013 they decided to file chapter 7 and laid everyone off except a skeleton crew to accomplish an orderly shutdown. I'm on the skeleton crew, so I'm still working.

But before that, they started talking to potential buyers; it's just that the acquisition couldn't happen fast enough to avert shutdown. I work for a charter airline so all flights were canceled on Jan. 11. I hope that explains the situation well enough.

It looks like a buyout will go through, and representatives of the buyer will be here next week to do their due diligence. I don't know if they will start talking with people regarding continued employment yet, but I want to be prepared.

Am I in a position to negotiate? Thanks.