Big question:  I am applying for a Engineering Manager position but I am not sure if I should focus 50% technical and 50% management skills on my resume.  I am a little confused.  

 I read somewhere that the biggest mistake is to put too much emphasis on technical skills and not enough on management type accomplishments.  

So what is a good ratio for technical and management skills for a Engineering Manager position resume?

My guess is 70% management accomplishment bullets and 30% technical bullets to show that I am indeed qualified to take on the engineering complexity.


What do you think?

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I split my two roles out on my resume.  That is to say.  I have been with the same company for some time.  I was an individual contributor for 7 years and then a manager for the past three.  The two roles are separate on the resume.  The most recent role (management) focus on my responsibilities and accomplishments in this role.  Under that, I list the same for the more technical / individual role that i had up until then.  That format gives the reader a nice progression of my career.  I would say each is about even in amount of information (50/50), however, I do not put technical / clinical bullets under the management role.