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I've started to purchase some books that doesn't concern my field of study (computer science) to improve my interpersonnal skills and my "self-improvement skills". I've purchased "THe platinum rule", because I think that adapting my style of communication will help me in my future job. 

I want to become an highly effective Software Engineer with good communication skills, so do you have any recommandation of books that I should purchase?


I've already found some interesting books (most of them because of Mark's recommandation), tell me what you think on thoses as well!

  • Getting things done (I need to improve my effectiveness)
  • Winning Em' Over (I need to be more persuasive)
  • Presentation Zen
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"How to Win Friends and Influence People "

A classic, in every sense.

John Hack

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How To Win Friends is a great book, a perfect starter in broadening an IT guy's reach.

And here's our list:


I would wait on the last two in your list.  Presentation Zen is probably a little too far to go early, and Winning Em Over can wait.

If you're going to read, read a daily national paper (we strongly recommend WSJ), read Fortune, and read an industry journal (your favorite and/or the one your employer's managers seem to be reading.)

The man who can read and doesn't is no better off than the one who can't read at all.


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 Thanks John and Mark for your answers.

I listened to the "self improvement podcast" before starting this thread, but I wasn't sure which books I should read first, and which one are essentials. I'll try to get" How to win friends" soon!

Concerning the news, I'm reading some RSS feeds everyday, and it's really great. 

I've heard of a book from lifehacker : Do you think it's a worthy book?

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 Is there a new version of "how to win friends..."? I found this on amazon :

Is it the right book?


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Hence the word, "Classic."

The prose is charming in style, and the content is great. 

John Hack