my apologies posting a "career tools" question here, but I need help!

i have a degree in chemical engineering and worked in the environmental field for a couple of years after school. I had a chance to turn a hobby into a career and took a flier since I was still young and unmarried. It has been 12 years and I have built up a small business and do OK. However, I have a mortgage now and wife and young kids, and the up and down income of self employment and time commitments have me contemplating returning to the traditional workforce.

Thanks to the career tools podcast I am expecting an offer with a fortune 500 company. It is senior technician level, but it get's me in the door into an industry related to my small business experience. I interviewed with the hiring manager for a permanent position. However, when he called this week, he said things have changed and the offer to me would be on a contract basis. 6-9 months, but they expect to renew it regularly and I would be working side by side with permanent employees with a couple of other contract employees onsite also.

I don't mind working under a contract. What should I be looking for when the offer arrives?

what are red flags should I expect?

I will be speaking to HR to discuss the details next

Thanks a million for any feedback


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Jaime, first up, congratulations on getting this far. When I'm considering contract rates, there's a bit of maths involved but it's quite straightforward.

Firstly, you have to pay everything. Considering you've been self employed so far, this is no shock to you and you've got your costs pretty much worked out already.

A good tip I got many years ago was to only factor weekly rates over 46 weeks of the year rather than 52. This allows for Public Holidays, sick days, holidays etc.

Other than that, read your contract amd if you have an attourney, get him or her to read it too.


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thanks for the tips. I spoke with HR and you are correct about the sick days, holidays, and vacation time not being covered. The staffing agency rep wasn't very receptive to my questions and it is a clue to what I would be dealing with regularly. I will review the contract and post and what I find.