This question relates to annual evaluation meetings. I've always been of the opinion that the written evaluation should be distributed to employees prior to the formal evaluation meeting so that there aren't any surprises and so that the employee can properly prepare themselves. I am certain that the Podcast has covered this issue in the past and I'm wondering what the general opinions are by way of best practices.

I've always done it this way, but my employer has notified me that I won't be receiving my written review prior to our meeting. Would love any opinions - thanks!


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I used to NOT do it and then I switched to doing it after listening to the cast.  It's better for the reasons that you say.  Plus it means that you spend the meeting talking about what is important to both of you, rather than rushing through and not getting to it.

If your current boss won't do it, I think that's tough.  Just try and prep as best as you can without it.

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i agree with Mark.  If you are managing your team members well, there shouldn't be anything that you haven't already discussed with them.  Therefore the performance review is really powerful as a tool for talking about the future.

You can't do that nearly as effectively if the team member (or in this case yourself) is still digesting and processing the contents of the review.

As best you can, do your preparation and have ideas and plans for the future. Try to accept anything negative that is said and don't allow it to become the focus of the meeting.  Concentrate on positive, future plans as much as possible.

good luck