I was just introduced to Evernote and wanted to learn how people may be using it.   Has anyone used Evernote for their Career Management Document or to keep track of other references?   



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Hi Paul,

I used to send myself emails with links of articles I wanted to read. Now I use evernote and very much love it. It sort of works like a planner for me - I even create to do lists (you can insert checkboxes in your notes). The evernote bookmark is great - it also works on the ipad/phone in safari (instapaper is great for that, too).

The tags in evernote are great - I could see how they would help keep track of references, different cover letters, show who you've followed up with already, etc.



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I just started using EN for my CMD.  The main reason is that 1) I can't lose the document between my various computers, etc. 2) I can edit it anywhere, on my phone, etc.  I've been an Evernote use for a couple of years and keep finding new uses for it.  For example, I use it extensively for clipping news articles in my industry.

The only downside for the CMD that I can see is that there are some limits in formatting.  While this has been significantly improved over the last few revisions, I still have issues with the spacing in paragraphs.  Having said that, I format my CMD in EN with 10 point, Times New Roman and it cuts/pasts pretty effortlessly into Word for the actual resume.



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I maintain my resume on and for a long time had my CMD on there as well. The CMD started on because I could just save a copy of my resume.

I like Evernote because I can access it from my iPhone in addition to multiple computers. One of the challenges that I've had is that my company classifies Evernote as an online storage website which is prohibited due to security policy. Before you commit to Evernote for your CMD, make sure you can get to it where you do most of you updates.

I use Evernote for many other things. There is a downloadable application for your computer. I used it during my Masters classes for note taking, replacing OneNote. During class I would be in offline mode and it worked the same as OneNote. When I got home, it would synchronize with the website and then I could get to notes anywhere, including ad hoc conversations with other students when I didn't have my laptop, but did have my iPhone.

There are Apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Andriod. You can update CMD or other notes from anywhere. I keep my shopping list and grocery list on Evernote. When I was working a temporary project and looking for an apartment, I would do searches in the hotel on my laptop. Then I could use my mobile phone to drive around and look at the various properties. I could also snap pictures of "For Rent" signs and then do more research about them when I was back on the laptop.

As the holidays approach, I've also used Evernote in the stores while I shop. If I see something interesting, I'll snap a photo of it in Evernote. Then I can go home and do research to see what other people have said about the product, what prices are available online, or get technical specifications to make sure it will be compatible with the other stuff my friends and family have.

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Question: are you not concerned about being able to "export" your data from Evernote?  Or do you just copy and paste the data...?

I am an occasional user of EN and have found I feel more comfortable storing my CMD on a local drive, or on a cloud-drive in its native format (e.g., Word or Open Office).


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SBALENO, you can export any single note from EN as html, or mht.  The guys at EN place a very high value on always being able to get your information out of EN as easily as possible.  Since all the EN data exists both in the cloud and on your local machine, it's always safe.  As a test, I exported my CMD as HTML and then opened it in my browser.  It maintains the formatting and everything quite well.



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I haven't worked with Evernote, but certainly see its value.  For the CMD, I moved it to Google Docs a while back.  Pastes fine into Word and I can access it regardless of which computer I'm working on.  Offline is a minor problem, but surmountable.  

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I really like Evernote. I am the most organized person you know, so one thing I do is clip articles - from the newspaper, from wherever. I now send them to Evernote, and put tags on them. I also moved the PDFs of all my stored articles onto Evernote. I add an extra tag if it especially good. When I hear good quotes and things, I also send them to Evernote.

Another thing I used Evernote for was when evaluating different people to build something at our house. I posted the ad on Craigslist, and forwarded all the good responses I got to Evernote. I used it to then keep track of my progress with each potential vendor, until I chose one.

I further use Evernote when I have handwritten someone, like a contractors's name, or an outline for an article I want to write. I take a picture with my camera, and send it to Evernote. I don't know if you knew this, but Evernote can OCR handwriting, so I can search for words I wrote BY HAND and find stuff.

Now here is where I don't use Evernote. I don't use it for files I want to access anywhere. For that, I use Dropbox. Dropbox, which is mobile, syncs all the files on your computer with your web account, so you can access those files anywhere. I have all my wife's medical records in a Dropbox file folder so I can access them anywhere, from work, from home.

While my company does not prohibit job storage software, I do not store anything from my work on Evernote. I only access it from work if I happen across a good article and want to save it.