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Does anyone have an example of an MT-style Who/What/When project task plan that they'd be willing to share?  I'm doing Project Management coaching with a direct and would love to have this as a resource.  

I couldn't find anything on here already, either as an official MT licensed doc or posted on the forums.

Thanks for any help!

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Would you know a good one if you saw it? If so, maybe you could ask your direct to create one and give him feedback on it.

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I'm about 99.9% sure that MT posted one from a recent get-together they had.  I believe it was linked to in either a ThIThITh or a newsletter.  I can't find it now from a quick search, though.  Anyone else got a link to hand?

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 Matt - I've done every search I can think of.  I would also love a link to this if anyone could find it.

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What did you find when you looked at the show notes for the project management casts and the RACI matrix casts?



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I don't see a download in either of those.  Am I missing something? 

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Don't wait for the perfect form to use. Been there and done that...  :)

Just start with a simple spreadsheet with those three items in it. Fill it up from top to bottom. If you get fancy later and want to add it to Project or another program, you should be able to import the simple spreadsheet format without much hassle. 

I hope this helps!!!


- Scott M.


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I found the below in a June Things I Think I Think - is this what you were thinking of?

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As a manager, I recognize the format that ProposalManager linked above - it's easy and effective and you can quickly translate it to a PowerPoint, Excel, or whiteboard equivalent.  My preference is Excel because of how easily sortable it is. I'd also like to add some other methods.  Keep in mind, all of these can be combined in various ways. 

  1. Taskings Order or Memo: Use when you're not as worried about time sequence and/or you have many different sections who have to operate distinctly from one another.  Also good when you need to convey additional detail.
    1. Name of Section/Subunit/Person
    • ​ No later than (WHEN), (WHO, more detailed if needed) (action) in order to (PURPOSE)
      • Further instructions or necessary references
      • The point of contact/owner of this task is (FULL NAME) at (EMAIL) or (PHONE)
  2. SYNC MATRIX: Use when you have a large number of moving pieces and you need to show emphasize progression over time instead of detail on the task.  These are easiest to do in Excel, I find.  The advantage of this over an Outlook calendar is the amount of information you can fit on one viewable page and the ease at which you can build truly massive products (6, 10, or more sheets taped together or custom printers)
    • Your top row is whatever unit of time want to subdivide by
    • Use a combination of your side rows and your cells and/or shapes to depict your other factors.  I labled my side rows based on the WHO and used shapes or combined cells that I'd color coded to designate WHAT.
    • Be careful about making this too busy.  Use your ability to format to make it easy to understand at a glance.
  3. Electronic Calendar: Use when you can integrate with other systems and the system isn't going to eat more time than executing. Also helpful in that it makes incorporating large additional documents easy.
  • I'll use shared Outlook Calendars with events color coded to the type of event.  
  • Click on an item gives you a single sentence 5Ws along with update history.  
  • All other documentation is attached