I'm looking for recommendations on excel training courses for my direct.  An in-person class that only takes a few days is ideal; however, I would not rule out an online training course if it comes highly recommended.  Cost is not a major concern.

Thank you!

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I used the tutorials that came with the program you installed from cd.  That is a bit outdated, but I understand the online tutorials using the online help menus are even better now than they used to be.

You could start here - and it is all free.

They are classes out there as well, but I have always found these online resources work fairly well - because they link learning and application closer in time.

You could also use YouTube.

I have found retention and application are better with these resources - plus they are free and do not take as much time.

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Our organization uses  Unless your direct is a true beginner in excel you may find some of the in person classes are too basic. 

With lynda you are able to take the content you need when you need it and each course is broken down into small segments so you can focus where you need.

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I've learned quite a bit from the Mr Excel YouTube videos and forum.  


Let us know what you decided to do for your training. It's interesting when people circle back and report.

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It is hard to recommend a single resource without knowing what level your direct is starting from and what focus area/industry you are working in.

Google/YouTube is really great (especially the mr. Excel mentioned previously). I find they are great for specific formulas or tasks and I'm not sure if they are good for Intro type learning though.

I'd check out the local CFA training website even if you aren't in finance. They often have very good providers of excel training that put on 1-2 day courses. I took a one day course from my local chapter and it was exceptional and well worth the money.

Best of luck!

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