Each year our VP selects 4-5 "high-performing" employees to conduct O3s with.  For this meeting the VP is skipping about 3-levels to reach me (From VP down to a Line/Department Manager).

I have been selected this year to participate.  The VP likes a structured format and has chosen "leading in a performance culture" as a basis for our discussion and has provided 3 questions to consider prior to our meeting.  I'm familiar with our company's efforts to establish a performance culture and feel comfortable with the topic and have some ideas to discuss further actions and opportunities.

I'd like to have 2 or 3 generic questions at the ready in case there are gaps in the conversation or the conversation starts to stall.  Discussions with others who have had direct contact with the VP has provided the following:

1. The VP is not a free flow discussion type of person (hence the structured format to the O3. The O3 initially described as a sit down and get to know the employee type of meeting).

2. The VP does not like dissenting opinions voiced.  Not sure if this is only in a public setting but I have been warned many times that the VP does not like to have ideas or decisions challenged at meetings.  (this makes for interesting tasks where staff are afraid to gain clarification on things the VP says). 

3. I have been told the VP wants to hear ideas and is "judging."

Any suggestions for questions or general advice on how to handle the O3 are much appreciated. 

Thank you in advance!