There already are some contents concerning "executive recruiters". (Like the podcast March 2006 -- I liked it). 

However, I'd like to hear some opinions about the following question: 

Do you recommed to "socialize" with recruiters in a social network, if they ask?

I don't!

If I would add a recruiter to my contacts, every other of my contacts gets informed about that "news". For example colleagues, directs, my bosses or even HR-people.

Furthermore, recruiters can browse all my contacts. Its their job to find new potential candidates (e.g. my directs) for their recruitment. 

What do you think?

Best (christmassy) greetings



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I did a job hunt about 6 months ago and LinkedIn was incredibly helpful.  I now have enough recruiters in my network that I could connect to one without raising suspicion; however, when I first started looking, that was not the case.  I waited until later to do it.   I think whether you connect depends on 2 things:

1) Are you interested in moving or do you know someone that is?  Remember that having recruiter contacts is helpful when you are looking to make a move.  If you know people who are looking to move, then connecting them to a recruiter improve both your network and reputation. (That's also how you explain it if someone asks you - although I never had anyone ask me)

2) Are they contacting you specifically for your skills or is it a form connect?  Unless they write me a personal message explaining why they want to connect, I don't connect with them.

Also, I know you are concerned about letting them see your connections, but the good recruiters have bought the premium status and can see them anyway.  I'm not sure that should figure into your decision.  If recruiters have a specific position to fill, they'll do a search find the people with specific words in their profile - they won't be looking at one person's connections, they'll be searching the whole site..


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This answer is specific to LinkedIn.  I only connect with Family/Friends on Facebook.  Google+ makes it a bit easier to manage the Family/Friends/Colleagues with the circles, but I think professional contact on social networks should mostly be done on LinkedIn.  That's my personal view. 

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I agree I would not want to, and refused to, connect to a recruiter on LinkedIn, even one I'm working with either to help fill a position or from the employee side.  You covered the issues well, it broadcasts that connection and it opens up your coworkers and directs to the recruiter.