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Recommendations from one of our community members, Forrest Pitz! Thank you!! 

I've been loving the series on executive development. I wanted to share a
couple of excellent resources I've found that the community might get some
value out of:

1. *Stratechery*: Ben Thompson is an analyst who generally focuses on the
tech space. The blog is one part timely analysis of what's happening in
tech and part big picture strategic analysis. Even if you aren't in tech I
think there are valuable lessons to be had. If you pay for a subscription
it also includes a weekly podcast focused on China that I've found to be
very insightful. The associated podcast "Exponent" is also great although
it hasn't been getting new episodes in some time. The exact situations
discussed in Exponent may be more dated but the frameworks they discuss
hold up well. It's a fantastic resource to help you think deeper about
strategy. The backlog can be overwhelming so if you need a starting point
I'd recommend one of these two posts:

2. *Geopolitics Decanted*: this is a podcast hosted by Dmitri Alperovitch
who runs a think tank called the Silverado Policy Accelerator. His history
is in cyber security (he was a co-founder of CrowdStrike) and as the title
implies he's focused on large-scale geopolitical issues. He regularly
brings in expert opinions to analyze current events. The episodes stay
specific despite the lofty topic. I never leave an episode without learning

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... and thanks for the second!  I will give that a trial.