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Since Executive Tools hasn't been released yet as the MT team has yet to successfully implement the 48 hour day, does anyone have a recommendation for C-Level training?

I work for a smaller company and have been recently promoted into a C-Level role. While the person I work for is full of awesome, this is the largest company he's ever worked for... so I don't really have a mentor or someone to turn to better myself. I'd appreciate any insight/recommendations the MT community might have.


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I would recommend on to focus on C-level training or coaching modules. These modules are as follows:

1) Conflict management.

2)  Dispute resolution.

3) Individual counseling or guidance.

4)  Leadership coaching .

This will definitely help you a lot.


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In their "Effective Executive / Efficient Assistant" casts, Mike and Mark talk at least a bit about what makes for an Effective Executive.


One thing they suggest emphatically is reading Drucker's "The Effective Executive." They also mention it on the Blog here:


I just got it and am only about 25 pages in to it (out of only around 130-140 pages total) and it's been great so far.

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Thanks, I'd forgotten about that cast. I'll go back and re-listen.

I'll have to re-read The Effective Executive as well.