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This is a forum for attendees and speakers, as well as Manager Tools followers who are interested in discussing and learning more about the M Conference 2022! I will be visiting the forums on a regular basis to answer your questions, provide assistance and collect your thoughts and ideas. Remember that this event was created to serve YOU, our audience, so ask away! We look forward to hearing from all of you!

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Starting her career as an officer in the US Air Force, Angela Falcini has pursued a lifelong learning of leadership, both in theory and practice. A Program Manager for 20+ years, she has worked in programs supporting modifying commercial aircraft for operational use in the Department of Defense, environmental land management, and various Command and Control/Information Technology systems and platforms. She was an instructor for new USAF officers, teaching leadership and management concepts along with Joint Warfighting techniques. In addition to her military experience, Angela was an industry partner before transitioning to a Navy civilian in 2008. Since 2016, Angela has actively growing an Executive/Leadership Coaching program within her organization, and is now the Director of Workforce Development within her Department. 

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Justin Libby brings over 25 years of hands on experience with command and control, intelligence, test, research, and integration support. He currently serves as the Deputy for Operations of C2E2’s Tactical Systems Integration and Interoperability Division, leading multiple efforts that support employee development and infrastructure investments for over 200 government personnel.

Justin began his career in 1996, enlisting in the United States Marine Corps as an Aviation Radio Repairman supporting communications for Tactical Air Command Centers. His eight years with the Marine Corps included deployments supporting both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 2005, Justin joined General Dynamics, providing hardware support for sustainment and repair of United States Marine Corps capabilities, to include Information Operation Workstations/Servers and Theatre Battle Management Core Systems.

In 2010, Justin took a position at NICW Pacific supporting test and integration efforts for Global Command and Control Systems. In 2012, he transitioned to support the Planning and Decision Aid System. In this capacity, he led the telecommunications engineering efforts and eventually became the Operations Project Manager overseeing the training, helpdesk, field support, COMSEC, and telecommunications functions for worldwide operations. In 2018, Justin became the Deputy for Operations of C2E2’s Tactical Systems Integration and Interoperability Division.

Justin holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership from National University and is Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act Information Technology Level 2 certified.

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Howdy! My name is Phil Beyer. I attended M1 and M2. I've been at Etsy about 2 years. We relocated our family of seven children (15, 14, 12, 10, 8, 5, 2) from Round Rock, TX (suburb of Austin) to Stamford, CT last year.

I'm elated to be attending again! My (already very high) expectations have been greatly exceeded each time!! I'm humbled to be in the same room with all of you!!!



Philip Beyer is the Head of Security for Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY), the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. He leads the teams protecting buyers and sellers in support of the mission to Keep Commerce Human.

Mr. Beyer is mission-driven to guide security leaders to higher effectiveness. His company Getting Security Done supports professionals with business communication and value creation training like Effective Security Leader, an 8-hour course with practical guidance.

Mr. Beyer previously held leadership positions at Global Payments, The Advisory Board Company, and the Texas Education Agency, and was a Lead Consultant at Denim Group.

Mr. Beyer has been actively involved in the professional community as a leader in the Austin chapters of ISSA and OWASP, as a core team member of the BSides Austin and LASCON conferences, and as the co-founder of the Texas CISO Council. He holds a BS degree in Physics from Trinity University. Outside the office he is a martial artist and ultra-marathon runner.