Hi everybody,

Hi Mark and Mike. Are you guys considering expanding the current book list. The books that you recommend now are exceptionally good and need special attention. What about other books that you recommend? I would find it very helpful (and I am sure other folks will too) because I keep expanding my list of "books to read". The customer comments on Amazon are also not always very helpful.

Keep of the fantastic work.

Martijn Roozendaal

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I haven't talked to Mike about it yet, but my feeling is yes. I'm thinking about changing its focus... I never really intended for it to be exclusive... but I'm not sure I was ever clear on exactly its purpose.

Great question - thanks for the polite goad.

And thanks for the kind words. Glad we're helping.


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Thank you Mark for your reply. I am very much looking forward to it.

Martijn Roozendaal