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I'm thinking seriously about applying to an EMBA program at Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management.  It's a very expensive program, about $90k over two years.  I work for a small company, so the chances of my employer paying the freight are slim at best.

I'm interested in the intellectual challenge and the networking opportunities outside my industry, but for this kind of outlay there really needs to be a payoff.  As a ten-year manager/director with 23 years of engineering experience, is getting an MBA likely to offer me much upside?

Chris Myers



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In his excellent book, Insights for the Journey... Navigatign to Thrive, Enjoy and Prosper in Senior Management, John Lucht says "... if you've gotten your career off to a slow and unpromising start, an advanced degree can ... give you a fresh start.  If that's what you need, go for it.  But if you've been working awhile and have scored some impressive accomplishments, make them known....  you cannot possibly turn in the outstanding performance needed to rise above your peers if you are merely coasting at work, while devoting large amounts of time and effort to the pursuit of a degree that may be largely irrelevent after you achieve it."  

Great advice.  The entire book is recommended by M&M and well worth the price.